Gabriella Campos

Houston, Tx

My name is Gabriella Campos, I’m a born and raised Houstonian who is the founder and creative director behind Miradela and Co-Founder of HTX Boss Babes. I am a local designer that is passionate about clean and minimal design, in which I believe, truly reflects in my fun coffee mugs, tees and delicate jewelry inspired by Mexican culture and of course the tastiest sweet bread Pan Dulce! After graduating from the University of Downtown Houston I decided to take a leap of faith to peruse my passion of event planning for HTX Boss Babes and also to follow my dreams of starting a business of my own, Miradela. I knew I wanted to incorporate a piece of my life in everything I created as a special dedication, these dedications were for the people and places that have continued to inspire me the most. Miradela holds a special place in my heart, it symbolizes the beauty and love of my dear abuelita, Adela! Her Influence has given me the opportunity to create one of a kind pieces to share with you! For the past year, I have been given opportunities to showcase my creations at many markets such as Pop Shop America, Sawyer Flea, East End Street Festival, Annual Viva La Frida Festival, DogPop, HTX Boss Babes Holiday/Spring Market Puppies for Breakfast and many more local events here in Houston.

Another great project that I’m closely working with fellow Designer, Ellyse Espinoza from State Line Designs, is HTX Boss Babes. HTX Boss Babes is an online organization that supports local Houstonian women entrepreneurs! Our Instagram based community consists of posts that feature different women businesses. These features simply give women creatives the extra exposure and support needed for a growing business venture. In 2016 HTX Boss Babes was Founded by Ellyse Espinoza, as it began to quickly grow I joined the team as marketing director and social media manager of the organization and now Co-founder. In the Winter of 2015, we wanted to create a unique market that showcased the talents of the many women creatives that we featured on our Instagram. Not only did we want to showcase these talents but wanted to bring together the women community here in Houston for a night of celebration! On the night of Decemeber 9th, 2015, began one of Houston’s first and largest women business-centric markets, HTX Boss Babes Holiday Market. Since then we have curated many events and quickly have grown and have collaborated with Summer Street Studios, Neue Creative Design Agency, GreenStreet from Midway Companies, and now our next chapter with LAUNCH!